Last night I had the privilege of speaking to the Alzheimer's support group  for caregiver's and families in Gretna, Virginia.  These groups are made up of very special people as they see and face the ravages of this awful disease every minute of every day.  To see how they come together and support each other is truly inspiring.

Not long after I finished my presentation, part of which was about the potential of protecting assets while gaining Medicaid eligibility for a loved one, a sweet lady shared a very sad story.  Her husband suffers from Alzheimer's and he had to be placed in a long term care facility years ago.  As a prudent person should, she sought counsel from a very well respected estate planning attorney in Southside Virginia.  He told her there was nothing she could do, thus she "spent down" close to $200,000 dollars!!  

We could have protected every single dime of the $200,000!!   

This is a tragic example of why a family must seek out the expertise of a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA)!  Many attorneys are experts in their fields, but know very little or nothing about the complex myriad of rules of Medicaid.  Yet, those same experts in their fields seem to have egos too big to answer, "I don't know" or "you need to find an elder law attorney."

If you know anyone who is currently on private pay in the nursing home or someone who may need long term care soon, please refer them to a CELA!  Here is a link to all the CELAs in Virginia:

Protect your rights, protect your assets!