More than half of adults considered to be elderly live alone. An older person may or may not have family near by and they may or may not be interested in Christmas at this point. Some people see the holiday season as the best shopping all year in exchange for spending time for family you've avoided for the last 12 months. Kids are requesting X-Boxes, iPhones, tablets, and watch-phones and we line up to provide our darlings with their Christmas wishes. Behind closed doors there is a segment of society that will eat a boiled egg as their feast, sweep the floor, watch TV and go to bed early again. While Grandma may have dementia in the nursing home or Grandpa refuses to join the family gathering at Jonnie's house, one should remember the point of Christmas. The Spirit of Christmas isn't about electronics or getting fat but is about family and sharing. 

Include your favorite elder this season by: 

  • Bringing them a small, pre-decorated, Christmas Tree or Wreath, 
  • Update their home with shower gear, hand rails or smoke alarms.
  • Regular Visits
  • Audio books on CD and a CD Player
  • Offer to make trips to the Grocery Store.
  • A visit to their favorite hair appointment
  • My favorite is to ask them to house-sit a pet for you... they might just want to keep it!!! 
  • Organize and update their important papers, membership or insurance cards into a notebook.

Whatever you decide to do for the awesome older person in your life, just be sure you let them know they are loved!

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