This story from the Eagle Tribune reminds us that just because you have a Caretaker or a Sitter coming in to the home of your loved one, that is just the beginning of your due diligence.  Once hired, someone must be responsible for supervision and oversight!  Just as you must take actions to be involved in the nursing home care of an elder, that may be even more important when the care is provided in the home.

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As you read this story, realize that there is help available.  Through our Life Care Planning service our Elder Care Coordinator (ECC) can not only help you get the care your loved one needs, the ECC can also make visits to the home to provide oversight and make sure all is well.  This service is perfect for parents whose children have moved away from the area.  Our ECC can keep them informed as to their loved ones care no mater where they live! 

Now that's peace of mind!