The Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, (LCPLFA), a national network of holistic elder law practices, has announced that Bassett attorney Robert W. Haley has completed The Elder-Centered Law Practice—Life Care Planning for the Elderly, a workshop that equips attorneys to offer Life Care Planning services. 

Life Care Planning is an innovative approach to elder law that helps families respond to the wide variety of challenges created by the long-term illness or disability of an elderly loved one. The focus is on using the elder’s money to maximize quality of life and independence—often well before the nursing home care is needed—while preserving family wealth to the greatest extent possible.

Firms offering Life Care Planning services rely on an inter-disciplinary team of elder law attorneys, care coordinators and others who work together to identify current and potential future care needs, locate appropriate care, coordinate private and public resources to pay for care, and ensure high-quality care.  Life Care Planning gives families access to a wider variety of options for care as well as expert guidance from a team of compassionate experts who help them make the right choices about every aspect of their loved one’s well-being.

I am excited about Life Care Planning.  In the weeks and months ahead I will keep you all updated on our implementation of Life Care Planning services for our clients.  In a nutshell, the firm will be able to help more elders find, get and pay for the care they need, whether that care is in a nursing home or just soem help they may need to stay in their own homes!  I hope to soon announce the addition of an Elder Care Coordinator (ECC) to my staff.  The ECC will be able to help assess an elders needs, and then help them plan to meet those needs.

If you have any questions about life care planning, please drop me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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