Medicaid or Asset Protection Planning requires “hiding” assets or engaging in illegal acts ... FALSE!


No - nothing could be further from the truth! The fact is that a Certified Elder Law Attorney will disclose all planning strategies directly to Medicaid during the application process. The planning is lawful and you have every right to take advantage of your given rights under the law. Just as folks have the right to employ a CPA to save tax dollars, elders have the right to employ attorneys to save and protect their assets in the Medicaid process.


Too often, elders and their families believe that they need to spend-down all their money on the nursing home before the elder may qualify for Medicaid benefits. For more information on how we can help your family plan for the future, call us at 855-503-5337 to schedule a consultation.To learn more about this process, be sure to check out our website:…/medicaid-planning-asset-protection