Wonder about why you need a Will, Powers of Attorney and a Living Will? Curious about Estate Planning, but hadn't been able to catch Mr. Haley yet at one of his seminars?

For his next seminar, Wednesday, April 8th at 12 noon, he will be presenting a WEBINAR on this very important topic! This is an online ZOOM Meeting, brought to you by New College Institute and their 'Learning Is Forever Program' that is FREE TO ATTEND! For more info, or to RSVP, please call (276) 403-5671

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The truth is, everyone needs an estate plan! While most people already know they should have a Will, Estate Planning means much more than just preparing a Last Will & Testament or tax planning for the disposition of your assets upon your death! Any complete Estate Plan should include a Will, along with a Health Care Power of Attorney (which names an agent and an alternative agent responsible for medical decision-making) and a Durable Financial Power of Attorney naming an agent (and an alternate) responsible for asset and financial management if one is unable to do such things for oneself. A Living Will, or other Advance Medical Directive, gives instructions concerning the type of care one wishes to receive or avoid in the event of a terminal illness. Along with a Digital Diary, these documents are the 5 important estate planning documents that everyone should have in place by age 55!

This important and informative online webinar held in conjunction through New College Institute, goes over the basics that everyone should consider to protect themselves and their family regardless of age for the future.

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