As the Managing Attorney of The Estate & Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia, my staff and I recognize the important role that long-term care facilities play in our community with caring for and keeping their residents safe.

Due to the concerns of COVID-19, all facilities have imposed a no-visitor policy during these uncertain times. As the pandemic concerns continue, the corona virus (COVID-19) is frightening to many in our community, country, and across the world, but above all, is especially dangerous in regards to the health and wellness of our elderly loved ones.

While certainly necessary during this time, the unfortunate and unavoidable side effect of this policy is that elders often miss the routine contact and visits that they would normally receive from family and friends in the past. For those who suffer from memory loss or dementia, this isolation and protocol can be hard to explain. Sadly, this has become the ‘new’ normal. Furthermore, no one among us knows how long this may need to continue.

In doing our part to help address this unique problem and situation, this week, a member of our staff will be out in the area distributing Amazon Kindle Fire HD8 tablets to designated representatives in various nursing homes, for the purpose of their residents to have an option to be able to reach out to their loved ones by video conferencing during these difficult times.

We are all in this together: While a small gesture, it is our hope that this will make a resident's and their loved ones' day a little bit brighter. #staykind#giveback