Robert and Cricket begin a countdown of 10 celebrity estate planning mistakes that can happen to anyone who hasn't properly planned for their death. While things might make perfect sense to us and our family, what the law requires is often different, and preparing your estate plan is often misunderstood or completely ignored. In this episode, we begin the discussion of several prominent people whose mistakes serve as clear examples of what can happen to any of us... and how they can be avoided.

Welcome to Aging Intelligently, where we walk with you down the path of getting older and together, climb those obstacles that seem insurmountable. Information and preparation can change your perception of aging.

Certified Elder Law Attorney, Robert W. Haley, and his wife, Cricket, a Certified Elder Care Manager, share their journey from fat to fabulous. They discuss their research, personal experience and interview other experts in the fields of Elder LawCare ManagementFinanceNutritionFitness, and even Travel, so you too, can be holistically well and secure wherever life's path may lead.

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