On January 19th, Robert W. Haley will give a seminar on Asset Protection at Blue Ridge Therapy Connection at 105 Landmark Drive, Stuart, Virginia from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Paying for nursing home care can cause you to liquidate your home, cash and all your assets before Medicaid will take effect. This seminar illustrates what can happen with and without proper planning. Meeting with an accredited Certified Elder Law Attorney can save you thousands of dollars. Please join us!

Every family needs someone to help manage care and services for their aging adults.

Our resource site, found here was created by The Estate and Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia and aims to provide lists of many services or resources for seniors available in Southern Virginia! 

n the interest of staff & client safety, both of the Estate & Elder Law Center Bassett & Danville offices are closed today due to the weather.

If you had an appointment scheduled with us for today and have not yet heard back from us, call our office at (276) 629-5381 to reschedule. Please remember to check on your neighbors, especially the elders! Be safe out there!!!

Life is an ongoing learning experience and often hands us questions that we may not have the answers to. It is best to talk to an expert for advice. On topics such as Estate PlanningMedicaid and other Elder Law concerns, our firm can help!

We have several seminars coming up on various topics in the next few months and hope to see you at one or more of them. New seminars as they are confirmed will be added to this site as well as posted on our Facebook page in the upcoming weeks, including seminar registration information and location.

If you have any questions or are interested in having Managing Attorney, Robert W. Haley speak at your next gathering whether it be for your church, group, company or organization, please contact us and we will make it happen!

Click here for a current list of upcoming seminars!


Virginia Living Magazine is currently ringing in the new year and taking votes for 'Best of Virginia', and The Estate & Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia (with 2 offices in Danville and Bassett) would definitely welcome your vote and support! Danville clients vote in the Central Region; Bassett clients vote in the Southwest Region.

As more and more of our life is "online" these days, have you made arrangements for those assets at your death or incapacity?  Who will close down accounts?  Who will take over your mobile banking or bill-paying?

Americans value their digital assets at more than $54,000 on average, according to a 2011 survey conducted for McAfee, a security technology company — but few people take the time to create an estate plan for their digital assets.

As we have the only Certified Elder Law Attorney in southside, we  receive  a lot of questions from our clients in regard to Estate PlanningMedicaid Planning/Asset Protection and Elder Law in general. There is a lot of misinformation and lack of information out there...but we here at the Estate & Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia are here to help! Our new "Did You Know?" video series starts off with addressing a common question that we receive from our clients:

Will Medicaid or the nursing home take my house to pay for my care? 

Researchers at Tohoku University have found a promising treatment for Alzheimer's disease, by noticing a similarity in the way insulin signaling works in the brain and in the pancreas of diabetic patients.

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Families coping with both the emotional and legal complexities associated with long term elder care face a unique yet serious set of challenges.  As a result, many individuals facing long term care issues are more than willing to turn to professional service providers for advice.  Unfortunately, many purported elder law professionals simply do not have the experience or training necessary to provide comprehensive elder law planning.  To ensure effective elder law planning and advice, individuals are well served to seek out professionals who specifically focus their practice on elder law issues.

This month we conclude our discussion on when physicians and elder law attorneys need to work together for the good of the client.  Earlier in August, I discussed the issues of capacity, mistreatment of elders and self-neglect.  This month we conclude by looking at the issues of cost of care and ability to pay, family dynamics and confidentiality.  Let’s look at those situations: