Every few years, Genworth conducts surveys of long-term care across the U.S. and summarizes the data in a Cost of Care Study, in an effort to spur Americans to plan ahead for the potential cost based on their preferred location and setting. The 2016 survey has been released and it provides state-specific cost of care data for all 50 states and comparison to the national median.

Unfortunately, according to the study’s findings, the cost of receiving care continues to rise sharply year over year, especially for services in the home, where most Americans prefer to receive long-term care. Below are some highlights from the survey:

There is an article on AgingCare.com on the four factors one should consider when selecting an elder law attorney.  I think this is an excellent guide for consumers and I wanted to address how our firm stacks up to the criteria!

 1. Seek a referral or recommendation:  We are proud that we receive referrals not only from our clients, but also from other attorneys!  We have wonderful referral relationships with our colleagues in the Bar.  

We have become an online world! We take for granted the ability to order something directly through Amazon or Ebay and have it arrive in a day or two! You can design and print a banner for an upcoming birthday party through VistaPrint and have it shipped directly to your house in the same amount of time. Need a website?  You can put it together entirely through GoDaddy right now without any programming or design skills in some cases. These are just a few examples. Online retailers are outpacing brick and mortar stores with a vengeance, and that trend will no doubt continue as technology and time marches on.  Almost every industry or field has at least one online equivalent that is looking to compete for a customer’s business and legal work is no exception. I am talking of course, about LegalZoom. 

Something to think about! We all live in a digital age these days, so what happens to your online accounts and access to your various devices when you pass away? In an age where many of our documents and assets are in digital form, it’s worth taking a little time to ensure that our loved ones don’t encounter major hassles when it comes to accessing them once we are gone. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that technology is one less thing for your family to have to worry about during a difficult time.

Appointments, pills, medical records, finances: Caring for someone affected by chronic or long-term health issues can be deeply rewarding—but it also means you have a lot on your plate.

Here’s some help: Take Care: A Guide for Family Caregivers. This straightforward, quick-to-read reference can help you manage the challenging logistics of caregiving and keep both your loved one and you happier and healthier.

These crimes can take many shapes and forms, and estimates of the amount of scams against seniors vary. A 2010 survey of seniors by the nonprofit Investor Protection Trust projected that 1 in 5 seniors had been taken advantage of financially. A study last year in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that 4.7 percent of Americans—about 1 in 20—reported that they had been financially exploited in their later years. The study provided perspective: If a new disease struck that same percentage of older Americans, researchers wrote, “a public health crisis would likely be declared.”

One of the little-known facts in regards to Medicaid Planning is that a pre-nupitial agreement will not protect your assets from the costs of long-term care should your spouse need to apply for Medicaid! When one spouse applies for Medicaid, assets of BOTH spouses are considered!

While stepping into a yoga class may feel like unfamiliar territory for adults 60 plus, it may also help them heal feelings of depression and anxiety. 

Find a local yoga class! A knowledgeable instructor can show any person modified poses that are safe and effective for an older bodies, or even provide private sessions. But Asanas are only a chapter in the story! Yoga is good for mental health and peace of mind. There are so many options available today in yoga!!! Its at your fingertips... keep living life ablaze!

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Every family needs someone to help manage care and services for their aging adults. The companion resource website created by The Estate and Elder Law Center of Southside Virginia found here aims to provide lists of many services or resources for seniors available in Southern Virginia! 

Whether Long-term care, rehabilitation or CNA staffing to name a few, this resource site is geared towards helping find the best services for our clients and for the elders in our community. Be sure to check back frequently as this site is a continual work in progress! If you know of a provider that you feel needs to be added to our list, please let us know by emailing directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is our intent that you will find this resource site useful, and we appreciate  feedback as we continue to develop this further in the future!


In this day and time, the majority of us tend to take technology for granted. For some seniors, there is still a bit of reluctance to embrace the benefits of being online.  The internet offers a wealth of opportunity and ease for staying in touch with family and friends, researching information, paying bills and even shopping from the comfort of your own home!

Good advance planning for health care decisions is, in reality, a continuing conversation--about values, priorities, the meaning of one's life, and quality of life. 

There are 10 tools in all, each clearly labeled and user-friendly. The tool kit does not create a formal advance directive for you. Instead, it helps you do the much harder job of discovering, clarifying, and communicating what is important to you in the face of serious illness.

This tool kit can help you begin the conversation.  As we approach the Christmas and New Year families come together. There is no perfect time to start the conversation but it is a discussion that must be had.  

 We hope these tools can help!

Toolkit for Health Care Advance Planning