While working on their Estate Planning documents, many seniors are faced with a tough decision when they think about who to name as their agent, trustee or executor.

More often than not, seniors have children scattered around the country and have few family members living close by. They may have children, who they trust, who are not near by and want to name them, but they wonder if it is practical?

In many of these situations, Attorney Robert W. Haley has been asked to serve as a client’s fiduciary. Whether as agent under a Power of Attorney, or named as trustee or executor, working with the client, under the ethical guidelines set by the Virginia State Bar, Mr. Haley can act as your fiduciary. He has ample experience as an agent, trustee and executor.

The Courts have recognized his expertise and diligence in these matters and have appointed Mr. Haley as a conservator of an estate or on occasion, as successor administrator on Probate estates where the original fiduciary has been removed. In an effort to ensure he can provide excellent fiduciary services to his clients, Mr. Haley is currently studying to become an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF). Contact us for more information.

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