Handed out at our ongoing seminars that Robert W. Haley frequently gives throughout the community, this downloadable PDF of one of our informational brochures addresses common concerns about the important Elder Law topic of Medicaid Planning & Asset Protection.

While no substitute for consulting with a certified Elder Law Attorney, this brochure is a great basic starting point for your own research and touches on points to consider before scheduling an appointment with meet with us. This brochure is provided as a public service only and is not intended as legal advice. Such advice should only be obtained from a qualified and certified Elder Law attorney. 

Click on the link below to download a PDF of this brochure.

Medicaid Planning & Asset Protection Brochure
Each year our population is living longer but many find themselves dealing with chronic illness and/or dementia during their final years. Long-term care or living in a nursing home can cost on average $90,000 a year. Many seniors will spend their life's savings on the costs of long-term care unless they plan ahead.