Being a caregiver is difficult both emotionally and physically when providing care for an aging loved one. The path and process of a caregiver is often full of stress, exhaustion, worry, confusion, and guilt.  Everyday. there are many millions of unpaid family caregivers, who are coordinating care for their aging loved ones, while still juggling their own work and family responsibilities day to day. Anyone who's been a caregiver has faced the same kind of stress, and many have thought "Isn’t there a way to make this easier?” The answer is 'Yes'! 

One step closer toward this goal is this PDF, which is a handy checklist for caregivers and a great starting point! This checklist offered by Caring Village is a reference that helps focus and organize information needed for legal, financial and estate planning matters for an elder. Caring Village is  a resource started by passionate people who have provided significant care for a parent, loved one, friend or neighbor who were unable to do so by themselves. 

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To download the caregiver checklist, click on the link below:

Family Caregiver Guide