A Relationship, Not Just Representation.


The staff at The Estate & Elder Law Center Of Southside Virginia offer personal attention and the highest quality of legal representation and counsel, all for a predetermined fixed fee!  Managing Attorney Robert W. Haley believes that hourly billing makes clients hesitant to call on their counsel and by utilizing fixed fees,  their clients know from the beginning of the attorney-client relationship,  that they have more than an attorney, they have personal counsel. 

Whether you are 21 or 81, you need seasoned legal counsel. With our firm, you can gain peace of mind knowing that whatever the question, you have a starting point.  Managing Attorney Robert W. Haley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney®) (CELA®) and his expertise is in Estate Planning and Asset Protection. Both of these fields are very complex and each client is different. This is why Mr. Haley limits his practice to only Elder Law and Estate Planning and Probate. But as your personal attorney, Mr. Haley can also counsel and guide you on any type of legal matter, ensuring you are represented by the best, most appropriate counsel. You have worked hard to provide for your retirement; Now you are unsure how to protect your nest egg from the uncertainty of Wall Street or the haunting specter of nursing home care or you are working harder than ever for your family. Are you taking the steps today to ensure your future is bright? Protecting your assets is much more than diversification! Estate Planning is much more than drafting a will; We will not only survey your current situation and make suggestions, but with the cooperation of trusted financial advisors together we can map out an estate plan that can help you attain your family's goals. 

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Haley and some of our team members who may be working with you:

Robert W. Haley, Managing Attorney, CELA®, CAP

Cricket C. Haley, Firm Administrator, Legal Assistant & Medicaid Planning

Kimberly "Grace" Young, Legal Assistant, Estate Planning, Estate Administration/Probate & Medicaid Planning

Mal L. Rorrer, Legal Assistant, Marketing Specialist & Community Liaison

Cheyenne D. Dodson, Legal Assistant, Estate Planning

Joanna R. Smart, Life Care Planning Coordinator

Sandy W. Vernon, Elder Care Coordinator

Stephanie R. Wagoner, Life Care Planning Coordinator & Community Liaison

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