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Fiduciary Services in Bassett Virginia and the Surrounding Area

When it comes to estate planning, one of the most challenging decisions is selecting the right person to fulfill roles such as Executor, Health Care Proxy or Agent, or Power of Attorney. Although discussing this topic can be difficult, it is a common concern. Fortunately, we are here to assist you!

Supporting Families from Afar

In today's mobile society, adult children and their spouses often relocate to new places, while seniors frequently choose to downsize and embrace a more leisure-focused lifestyle elsewhere. While it is easier than ever to stay connected with distant family members, it is equally important to have someone nearby who can take immediate action during emergencies.

In such situations, Attorney Robert W. Haley has served as a fiduciary for numerous clients. Whether acting as an agent under a Power of Attorney, a trustee, or an executor, he works closely with you, adhering to the ethical guidelines set by the Virginia State Bar. Drawing upon his extensive experience in these roles and his knowledge of estate planning law, Mr. Haley can act as your trusted fiduciary. This provides great relief to clients who seek a reliable individual during challenging times.

Overcoming Family Dynamics

Unfortunately, there are situations where it is unwise or unsafe to designate a family member as an Agent, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, or Agent. While these circumstances are not ideal, they do occur. Issues such as substance abuse problems or long-standing estrangements may arise within a family. Additionally, blended families can present significant challenges when appointing agents or executors for estate planning purposes.

In such cases, it is wise to rely on a trusted professional to serve as a fiduciary. Attorney Robert W. Haley is well-equipped to fulfill these roles, offering clients the assurance that their estate and family affairs will be managed properly without the complications of familial challenges interfering with the estate plan.

Planning for Incapacity with Confidence

Planning for incapacity can sometimes prove more challenging than planning for death. Entrusting someone to honor your choices as expressed in a Living Will or Health Care Power of Attorney requires a significant leap of faith. If your beloved spouse is unable to act during times of immense stress, which is not uncommon, or if you have concerns about your adult children's ability to follow your directives, having a dedicated professional overseeing your wishes brings great comfort.

Following the creation of your estate plan, Attorney Robert W. Haley will be well-acquainted with your unique situation. He and the firm's attorneys will help you articulate your desires for incapacity and document them in your estate planning materials. By doing so, you can focus on living your life without worrying about whether your spouse or family members will make difficult decisions when the need arises.

Essential Legal Documentation

It is vital to have properly prepared estate planning documents that include legal provisions for selecting an Executor, Durable Power of Attorney for financial matters, and Health Care Power of Attorney for medical matters. Additionally, designating at least one successor Executor, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy is necessary. Attorney Robert W. Haley can guide you in determining the ideal individuals to fulfill these roles, including primary, successor, and even tertiary appointees, if necessary.

If you lack a well-crafted will and other estate planning documents, your estate may be distributed to your heirs in the absence of a surviving spouse or domestic partner. If this outcome is not in line with your wishes, the best solution is to engage our firm in creating and finalizing your estate plan.

Attorney Robert W. Haley possesses extensive experience and qualifications to serve as a fiduciary. His knowledge and diligence have been acknowledged by the Courts, who have appointed him as a conservator of estates or as a successor administrator in Probate estates where the original fiduciary was removed.

In his commitment to delivering excellent fiduciary services, Mr. Haley is currently pursuing the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation. This advanced credential is exclusively granted to individuals who meet stringent educational, competence, conduct, and ethical standards, ensuring they uphold a fiduciary standard of care and act in the best interests of their clients. The AIF® designation, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), places Mr. Haley among an elite group of recognized designations by FINRA.

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